Nurses and Healthcare Team

The Nursing Team run our various clinics and are available in the practice for treatments such as dressings, removal of stitches, blood pressure monitoring, NHS health checks (lifestyle advice), cervical smears, ECGs, travel advice and injections. The team is run by Carole, and consists of Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and a Healthcare Assistant.

We currently have two very experienced nurses who are tasked with minor illness and support the GPs exclusively. Which means that they can see/speak to you quicker and if needed, refer or consult with a GP should the need arise.

Nurse Practitioner Carole can see you for minor illnesses, she has a special interest in pediatrics, gynaecology and breast problems.
Heather is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, so she can also see you for minor illness and is an independent prescriber and has a special interest in dermatology, eye problems and COPD.

They will usually be speaking to you on the Triage call backs and arranging further treatment. You will often notice that they spend the mornings on the reception, talking to patients that ring into the Practice and resolving a lot of issues for our patients in the moment.

The Nursing Team

Lead Nurse – Carole Holmes-Holden (F)
Carole is a Nurse Practitioner and works Monday to Thursday seeing patients.

Advanced Practitioner – Heather Andrews (F)
Heather works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday seeing patients.

Practice Nurse – Kate Rhodes (F)
Kate works Monday to Thursday seeing patients.

Practice Nurse – Sharon Parker (F)
Sharon works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday seeing patients.

Healthcare Assistant – Abi Smith (F)
Abi works Monday, Tuesday, Friday seeing patients.