A Message from Dr Keeling, GP Partner

Dr Carolyn Keeling’s Retirement

Dear Patients,

After 30 years in Mickleover and at the tender age of 63, I have made the decision to retire on 7th December 2021. I have seen a myriad of changes in the Practice over that time. In 1991 I replaced Dr Jack Charlton Senior and worked for many years with Drs Edward Doris, John Charlton, David Booth and Les Redlaff.

I have seen babies born, grow up, marry and have their own children in parallel with my own life in Mickleover. I have shared with many of you, moments of anxiety and sadness and also moments of great joy and happiness. I have shared the pain as people struggled to cope with their own illnesses and those of their spouse and families. It has been an incredible privilege to be a part of so many lives. General Practice is changing, and we don’t always have the opportunity now to personally care for a patient throughout their final journey, which is a sad loss for me professionally.

I am profoundly proud to be part of the NHS. General Practice was on the front line in the crisis and now, in a recruitment crisis, has to provide staff and time to the mass vaccination campaign in addition to endeavouring to provide a full service at the coal face! Prioritisation of work has had to feature as we now race to catch up on our backlog from 2020.  We steered 12,200 Mickleover patients through the Pandemic, helped by a mass of technology, new phone lines [yes it was worse before!]  and newly acquired remote consultation and communication skills. We lost patients, family, friends and colleagues in those 18 months and every death shook us.

We are emerging bruised by the experience and, like all Practices, we are adjusting to the ever increasing demands placed on us, compounded by  a national shortage of GPs and locums.   I may still appear in the Practice in the forthcoming months supporting various clinics or vaccination requirements but not in general surgery.

To the supporters of the Practice, my grateful thanks for 31 years of shared experiences in a changing world.
To the critics on social media, I would suggest they reflect on the saying:
“Never criticise a man until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Best wishes to all,

Carolyn Keeling