2020 – Press Statement Covid19 13.03.20

UPDATE: 6.3.2020

Please visit The NHS website on Coronavirus for updated to the day information.

If you feel you have been affected, please DO NOT VISIT THE PRACTICE.

Visit the 111 Coronavirus Advice page first, then dial 111 if the advice from there is to call. This is to minimise wait times for those most at risk.

Our ‘on-the-day’ appointments that can be booked online are temporarily suspended in order to minimise the risk to our patients attending the Practice. This is on advice and as instructed to do so by NHS England as part of their planning and protecting both the workforce and those patients most at risk.

There will still be online appointments available, but they will be available 3 days or more in advance.

When you call the Practice, you can expect to be asked by the Care Navigator on the phone what the nature of your problem is, so that they can sign post you to the appropriate appointment or Triage Call Back List (Enhanced Triage Service).
Our Enhanced Triage Service will still remain for those patients who feel they have an urgent need to be seen on the day and this will be triaged by phone, by a Nurse Practitioner or a GP as the online appointments that would have been made available on the day will move to URGENT Triage appointments to accommodate the increase in demand and ensure that we are asking the appropriate questions regarding identifying the virus.
Please note, we will not be offering appointments on the day for routine issues. There will still be appointments to book in advance, by phone or online – though with the demand at the moment we are finding they are going quickly. Please consider 111 Coronavirus Advice page.

We will continue to update this website to keep you informed, and the NHS will continue to update theirs in response to the changing advice.

Thank you for your time in reading this article, if you should need further assistance, please contact the Practice through the website or by phone.

Kindest regards,

Mickleover Medical Centre