Dear Patients of Mickleover Medical Centre,

We are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls – more than at the height of the pandemic at the moment and we also have staff who are having to self isolate.

This means that it will take a little longer to get to you on the phone at the moment.
Sadly, there is little understanding from some patients and they are shouting and being rude to the staff on the phones. Every member of the team are trying their very best.

This is not acceptable and has already lead to staff leaving reception roles, this has a knock on effect to the existing staff who are bearing the brunt and abuse on the phone more than ever and are short due to vacancies and illness.

We are asking for your patience when talking to people on the phone and face to face. Beginning the call, or walking in shouting about how long you have waited to be answered or seen, does not help the situation when the person answering is trying to help and get to you as quickly as possible. We do record the calls and the clinicians and managers are also answering the calls to try and help with the volume.

We will issue zero tolerance letters to patients who continue to abuse staff on the phones.

Please treat all your interactions with staff, with respect as we would expect our team to do likewise for you. Kindness costs nothing.