Text messages

Dear Patients,

We are getting a number of enquires about text messages received. We are asked to occasionally send specific text messages for public health reasons.

This week we have sent one regarding cancer awareness campaign as nationally patients are not coming forward when they need to because of the worry of catching coronavirus by visiting Practices.

If you have received a text message “Dear XXXX, If you have any symptoms that could indicate cancer, like blood in your urine/poo, coughing up blood or unexplained weight loss, please contact the Mickleover Medical Centre“, it is simply to remind you that if you have symptoms, you should contact us. This does not mean that you personally have had results or we think you will have cancer, its simply a public health message for awareness.

We hope that puts your mind at rest and as we have said, we are here for you, please call us or send us a message through the site’s ‘Get Help with a Health Problem’.

Your Team at Mickleover Medical Centre